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Encounter Detail

  • 808 days ago 1,024 0 Malifaux
  • Headhunter
    (Strategy (2015))
  • 50 soulstones
  • 3 turns
  • Scheme
    A Line in the Sand Breakthrough Distract Plant Explosives Power Ritual
  • Club: Eagles/DorkaMorka

Crew Detail

Arcanists - Ramos
(Team A)
Neverborn - Lilith
(Team B)

Crew Lists

Arcanists - Ramos

Neverborn - Lilith

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  • Published Reports: 4
  • Preferred System: Malifaux
  • Total Achievements: 16
  • Twitter: @TheLegitJonasty
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Got a short match in against Fred. My first time with Ramos and still a bit of a learning game for him. We both had some lessons we took away which is ultimately a good match.

Arcanists - Ramos VS Neverborn - Lilith

Off with their heads!

Got a short match in against Fred. My first time with Ramos and still a bit of a learning game for him. We both had some lessons we took away which is ultimately a good match.


We flipped Flank deployment.

With Headhunter as our Strat and Flank deployment it was clear we'd both end up mixing it up pretty quick. This was the first time for Headhunter for both of us so it was going to be interesting how it played out. We both just knew we had to kill each others shit which is just fine in a Ramos v Lilith match.

I took an announced Breakthrough and unannounced Distract. I figured with the spiders and summoning Breakthrough would be pretty easy to hit and Distract is almost a default when available although it bit me in the ass later.

Fred chose Distract and Plant Explosives, both unannounced. Can't speak to Plant Explosives but Distract was a good choice since I had and would be summoning tons of models he could target for this.

* Note: In the pics, the Coryphee models are stand-ins for the Oxfordian Mages and the Mechanical Dove is the Electric Creation.

Deployment - Arcanists - Ramos

Ramos crew was deployed in a rough L formation along the corner of the Flank zone. Everyone was out in the open as I knew a Lilith crew was primarily melee-centric.

Deployment - Neverborn - Lilith

Fred also hugged the corner L section of the Flank deployment zone although his models were placed with more cover options initially as he knew I had some shooty pieces in my crew.

Turn 1

Fred won Initiative and elected for me to go first.

Most of Turn 1 was typical game start, models moved forward a bunch. Barbaros, Joss and a few others fired off some defensive/aura based abilities to be safe. Terror Tots tried Sprinting, some succeeded some didn't.

Lilith threw down an Illusionary Forest in the center of the board which would end up sitting there the whole game and really screw up LOS for me for the encounter.

Fred moved a Terror Tot too close up the middle and even with cover the Gunsmith was able to blast him to pieces with a Moderate flip and Experimental Bullet trigger, giving me an easy placement for a HH marker. Moved a Spider into BtB with it so I was setup for a Turn 2 pickup.

Brass Arachnid moved and wanted to Stoke Joss and I had the card in hand for it but flipping the BJ kinda screws that up.

Ramos moved up and summoned an Electric Creation which then moved towards Fred's clump of figs. Just had to hope I won Initiative next round. (Spoiler: I did!)

Turn 2

I won Initiative and chose to go first, go figure.

I walked the Electric Creation once and then cheated a flip to use Burst, managing to splash 2 Tots, Lilith, Barbaros, the Young and Teddy! Some stones were used and Barbie had armor but overall an excellent performance by the EC.

Lilith attempted Tangled Shadows on one of the Mages and top decked a 13 Mask but Mage's got a (+) to Wp and I managed to Top Deck the Red Joker. Lilith tried again with a stone for the second mask, I almost let it go through but I didn't want to risk Teddy in my clump of dudes and give Lilith an easy HH marker by killing the Mage.

My Spider picked up the HH marker from Turn 1 and moved then one of the Tots Sprinted up to it and Distracted it. The second Spider charged that Tot in turn and killed it as it was already wounded from the EC blast.

Another Tot moves and then a Mage activates and shoots it with a Bolt. I used Windblast trigger to push the Tot 4" closer to my crew before dishing out the damage so I can drop the HH marker closer. Mage then walks BtB with the newly dropped marker for a later pickup.

Barbaros charges a spider with a bull rush, hits with both attacks to drop the Spider and place a HH marker. The second Mage then Furious Casts towards Barbaros, hits 2 of 3 both with Electrocute trigger ignoring Barb's armor. SS is spent to try to wound prevent and of course Fred flips the BJ.

The Young moves twice and then the Gunsmith decides to move and shoot into melee at Barbaros, managing to target him even with randomization but misses.

Ramos then moves and Electrical Fire at Barb but my BJ pops out. Second attack hits but Barb stones to prevent some of it. Attempts to summon EC again but fails.

Teddy walks twice and the I have run of the rest of the board.

Brass Arachnid activates to do Rewire and Stoke on Joss giving him Reactivate but using my last card. Joss then activates and walks once and then attempts to Axe Barbaros but misses. He takes two more attacks but top decking from both of us still leaves Barbaros untouched on 1 damn wound after all that.

Somebody dropped a scheme marker this turn but I couldn't remember who.

I earn 1 VP from Headhunter at this point.

Turn 3

We both decide to stone for cards and then we flip Initiative which I win. Fred spends his last stone for a re-flip but it doesn't help.

I activate Joss and look to wipe Barbaros, hitting with the first attack and dropping him giving me a Scarp and HH marker to drop. He then walked to tie up the last clump of models.

This allowed Teddy to go nuts. Tries Gobble You Up but whiffs then discards to Flurry. Teddy hits all 3 times, slashing and pushing Joss around the board until he ends up all alone next to Lilith who then pounces him down to 1 wound. Joss gets his Reactivate and tries to Chokeslam the big bear, spending 2 stones for the suit and a (+) flip. Fred cheats the RJ to make sure I don't hit with that ugliness.

Young picks up a HH marker and then moves up to engage the Spider and Gunsmith to keep them both Distracted.

A Mage activates, picks up a HH marker and then moves.

Lilith uses 1AP to kill Joss, moves into the Hazardous terrain with a grin and then Distracts the activated Mage.

Ramos walks to be able to see the far scrap marker then spends a stone for the book and summons 2 Spiders off the marker. Ramos then tries to shoot shoot Lilith with Electrical Fire but whiffs.

Cherub shoots at Ramos twice and manages to get Slow on him and a Severe on the second.

I activate my various Spiders, trying to disengage with 1 and dropping a scheme marker with another. (I realized after the game that the Spider that dropped the marker was one of the summoned ones and thus couldn't have done that.)

I snag another 1 VP from Headhunter.

Fred manages 1 VP from Headhunter and 1 VP from Distract.

At this point the club was closing down for the night so we called the game.

Man of the Match

Turn 3 Fred used Flurry with Teddy on Joss. He hit all 3 times and dished some good damage, getting Joss down to 1 wound. But the key was Teddy's Push trigger moving Joss all the way around the main engagement to end up in the backfield alone and engaged with an unactivated Lilith. This had the added benefit of pulling Joss out of the 10" bubbles of the Oxfordian Mages so his Warding Runes upgrade became much less effective.

Scheme planning - Distract
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

As usual one of my BFU's is scheme related. This time I was having too much fun killing shit which is understandable given I was playing Ramos and Headhunter was the Strat. Because of this I realized going into Turn 3 that I had killed off most of my eligible Distract targets and pretty much denied myself 3VP.

Lesson? Play the damn mission!


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Final Summary

Final VP:

Jonah/Ramos 2

Fred/Lilith 2

Overall a good game with a close end and a bunch of teachable moments for both of us. The Distract blunder cost me and while we all thought I won at the end I realized later that the scheme marker I dropped wasn't legal so wouldn't have got a VP from Breakthrough.

Theoryfaux-ing to Turn 5 it looked like I'd have nabbed 7 VP for Headhunter and Breakthrough, Fred probably would've hit 4 or 5 between some more Headhunter pickups and Plant Explosives.

Given Fred's newness to the game and his crew he played a solid match with just a few tactical errors. I started strong but I started making some late game slip-ups that could've really hampered me had I not come out swinging like I did. That and Ramos can be a pretty forgiving master to play.

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Ramos, 5 SS

* Electric Summoning

* Field Generator

* Under Pressure


* Bleeding Edge Tech

* Warding Runes

Brass Arachnid

Steam Arachnid

Steam Arachnid

Oxfordian Mage

* Blood Ward

Oxfordian Mage

* Doom Ward


Lilith, 6 SS

* Living Blade

* Beckon Malifaux

* Wicked Mistress


* Rapid Growth


Young Nephilim

Terror Tot

Terror Tot

Terror Tot