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Encounter Detail

  • 786 days ago 1,025 0 Malifaux
  • Squatter's Rights
    (Strategy (2014))
  • 50 soulstones
  • Scheme
    A Line in the Sand Breakthrough Cursed Object Murder Protégé Protect Territory

Crew Detail

Guild - Sonnia Criid
(Team A)
Outcasts - Hamelin
(Team B)

Crew Lists

Guild - Sonnia Criid

Outcasts - Hamelin

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  • Preferred System: Malifaux
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We played with only painted miniatures, so our crew setup was limited

Guild - Sonnia Criid VS Outcasts - Hamelin

50 SS Hamelin vs Criid

We played with only painted miniatures, so our crew setup was limited

Deployment & Terrain

Outcast player won the card-off and took the further side

Be both took Kill Protege (I releaved it) and both took Protect Territory (not revealed)

Hamelin deployed Hans in the ruins on the top right corner and the rest of his gang behind the Sherrif`s office. 

I went in a line, with Hunter, Watcher and Samuel on the left, then 2 Stalkers, then Flame, Sonnia and Guardian


Turn one was basically running around (Guardian Protects Sonnia)

Hans double-Focueses (OathKeeper) and hits Samuel for 5 (1 prevented) and Slows him


In turn 2 I managed to kill a Rat King (dragged it with Hunter) and my oponent didn`t unbury Killjoy as he would likely die fast. 

In turn 3 there was a giant clump in the middle. 3 WItchling Stalkers, Sonnia, Guardian and Hunter were fighting a Ratking and Nix who was healing everytime I failed a duel... . 

Apart from the dead Ratking no model died during the first 3 turns. (Although I did get a Witchling Stalkers)

While the clump was happening at the middle my wounded Samuel Hopkins and a watcher on the left flank manage to turn 2 Squatter markers (on my left) and put 2 Protect Territory Markers


So in turns 4 and 5 I managed to kill a rat. My oponent sacrificed another one to unbury kill Joy and kiled Sonnia. One Witchling Stalker that was out of combat moved back to put a Scheme Marker.

Turn 4 I sacrifice the Flame to hold back Hamelin. Guardian gets killed by a Rat King.

Turn 5 Sonnia gets demolished by Killjoy as I black Joker Flame Wall

I managed to win 7:0 as I got 4 for Squatters and 3 for Protect Territory. although I had 2 Witchling Stalkers (1 half dead), a Watcher and half a Samuel, but I managed to clump him on his side of the table so he couldn`t turn the markers back. The game ended on turn 5 (fortunately for me)

Man of the Match

He became the MVP due to the clump and as being a really good counter to Sonnia (he is immune to Burning and he also negates blasts). He probably healed around 10 dmg from his Ability.


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Final Summary

It was a really intense game and I have to say, Lady Justice would probably do better if I got her painted in this matchup. I also tend to focus too much on boosting Sonnias CA instead of Df, especially that Nix blocked all my blast damage.

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Criid (Reincarnation, Cherufe`s Imprint, Counterspell aura) 6SS

Samuel Hopkins (Plant Evidence, Disrupt Magic)

2x Witchling Stalker




Purifying Flame

Hamelin (The Piper) 7SS

Nix (Hollow and Infectious Melodies)

Killjoy with OathKeeper

Hans with OathKeeper

Obedient Wretch


Malifaux Rat