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Resurrectionists - Yan Lo
Gremlins - Zoraida

50 Soulstones - Malifaux Encounter

Mission: Collect the Bounty (Strategy (2015))

By Jonasty

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Matched up against Ed for our week 2 league game. Despite much Malifaux being played over the last year or so this was actually our first game against each other.

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We had Standard deployment set for the league game.

I took Assassinate and Vendetta, both unannounced by default. See BFU for my thoughts on Assassinate lol. For Vendetta I matched Bete with Lenny as I figured Lenny had to mix it up as Ed's beat stick so I'd have no worries about getting her out where I wanted. Given that and the kill-y nature of this match-up I figured it'd be an easy lock for 2 VP and possibly the full 3 given Bete's strength.

Ed took an announced Line in the Sand and Vendetta. Running 3 Silurids it was pretty easy to see announced aLiS coming. Ed matched the Waldgeist with my Flesh Construct for Vendetta which was a solid choice. The Wald's potential range and speed meant it would be easy enough to go for the FC while avoiding its attacks.

* Amusing note, I only took the Flesh Construct because Ed had announced Gremlins so I was looking to chow down. Go figure he only ran 1 Gremlin in our game and it was of course the Height 3 Lenny.

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Deployment - Resurrectionists - Yan Lo

Ed had me deploy first so I chose a side of the table that was relatively open since he didn't have much of anything ranged to worry about. Plus it made him deal with the large hill in the one corner.

I clumped my crew towards the center of the board so I could keep everyone within range of each other, especially with Chiaki as I was worried I'd need to remove some Hexes this game.

Bete of course started the game buried as she is want to do.

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Deployment - Gremlins - Zoraida

Ed spread his crew out along the deployment line with Silurids along both edges and 1 in the middle. These things are still some of the best scheme runners in the game and this setup was what I expected of them.

The rest of his crew stayed relatively central with Mama Z behind some of the ruins for cover.

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Turn 1

Neither of us spent stones for cards and Ed won Initiative.

Turn 1 = tons of movement as usual. Lots of double walks with a few tidbits sprinkled in.

All 3 Silurids made excellent use of their Leaps and were able to drop 3 scheme markers on the center line for Ed, essentially making full points for that scheme a foregone conclusion.

In addition to a walk, Mama Z Obeyed Lenny ... to walk. Then she hit the nearer Punk Zombie with a Bewitch.

After walking twice, the Waldegeist got off his forest generating 0 and popped them up as a screen to prevent the Hanged from targeting Lenny.

Lenny and the Nurse each only walked once and then Lenny popped on a Defensive stance while the Nurse just ate her other AP.

Rather than walking the Soul Porter did Empower Ancestor twice, on Yan Lo and Chiaki.

With the closer placement, Chiaki was able to get Memories Past to remove Bewitched from the PZ and then walked once into range for her 0 on Mama Z. It was a miss of course but why not.

Yan Lo sac'ed a card to gain Chi and then walked once. Wanting to avoid the woods until I got Incorporeal I instead took 2 potshots at the nearest Silurid. First one I didn't bother to cheat super high and the next flipped the Black Joker so that was that.

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Turn 2

Ed stoned for cards.

Ed spent a stone to reflip and win Initiative.

Zoraida targeted the Hanged with Obey, easily passed the Terror check and forced it to hit a Punk Zombie with Whispers from Beyond. She then Bewitched the Hanged and walked off, damage done.

I activated Chiaki and did Memories Past on the PZ hitting with a ram to remove the Hanged's condition and heal the zombie. She then walked into woods.

The left side Silurid walked, popped a scheme marker and then Leaped back towards Z.

Yan Lo then went, sac'ed card for Chi and did his 0 Ascendance for Spirit Ascendant. This allowed him to walk twice into the woods and try to Spirit Barrage the Waldgeist but missing.

The far Silurid Lept and then moved twice down towards the building.

The Soul Porter moved up and then Empowered Yan Lo forward.

The third Sil tried to leap but failed and simply walked twice towards the middle.

Flesh Construct walked twice towards the Waldgeist.

The Waldgeist activated and used its 0 to make some trees. The added ML range this gave it allowed it to charge the FC, missing the first attack but hitting on the second and revealing Ed's Vendetta selection.

The unwounded Punk Zombie just walked twice towards Lenny which got the big Gremlin to charge. He missed the first attack but hit the second for weak.

The second PZ was now in range and charged Lenny, RJokering on the first which let me cheat severe and then hitting the second for weak. Of course Ed followed this up with the Nurse using Take Your Meds and healing Lenny to full ignoring the paralyzed. She then Defensive Stanced for good measure.

The Hanged tried Whispers from Beyond twice on Lenny and both times I was winning numerically with Ed out of cards but missing the TN. Ulitmately gave Ed more cards for Bewitched but it was end of turn so I didn't care.

At this point Ed scored 1 point Vendetta. With no kills yet there were no points for Collect the Bounty.

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End of Turn 2 - Turn 2 (Image 2 of 2)

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Turn 3

Ed and I both stoned for cards this turn.

I won Initiative this turn.

Knowing Vendetta was in play I walked the FC up to the Waldgeist to try to start chipping away at it. Hit for weak and some poison.

Zoraida then went and Obeyed Lenny to hit one of the PZ's and dropped him to HtK. She then Obeyed the other PZ to hit the 1-wounder. This killed that PZ and let me pop Bete out. I was careful to place her between Lenny and Zoraida so the big Gremlin would block LoS and prevent anymore Obey bullshit. Zoraida finished by Obeying the Nurse to try Take Your Meds on Bete which I most definitely cheated up to avoid the Paralyzed potential.

I of course went to drop the hammer with Bete. She Flurried against Lenny. First hit for moderate with Mutilate trigger that Lenny ignores, hit the second with Groin Strike trigger letting me hit for another moderate, and the final hit with another Groin Strike for another moderate. With the Nurse still in play I was really hoping to drop Lenny for full Vendetta points but even with all the cock punching I didn't get the 1 severe I would've needed and didn't have the card in hand to cheat. Still a powerhouse turn for Bete though.

Nurse of course then activated and Ed managed to top deck the suit he needed for a fully healed Lenny. He followed up with a Ram Take Your Meds on Lenny giving him the +2 attack/damage shenanigans. (As I typed this I realized this wouldn't work as Lenny's immune to Conditions which is what the rest of the Take Your Meds stuff gives. Didn't make any difference in this game but food for thought and I need to scold Ed lol.)

Lenny was close enough to Accomplice off the Nurse and swung at Bete dropping her. I used One with the Night to bury her and keep her around. Lenny followed up by swinging at the remaining PZ, dropping him down to HtK. The PZ then flurried on Lenny and hit twice doing moderate both times.

One of the Silurids lept and then charged the PZ hitting on the second attack and dropping him.

Yan Lo activated, I was out of cards so no bonus Chi although he'd gained a few from the dying PZ's. He Spirit Barraged Lenny 3 times, barely hitting once but enough to kill him with Revitalize gaining another Chi. I debated about bringing Bete back but I had no more cards and didn't want to risk it. Yan Lo used his Ascendance 0 to give himself Ash.

Waldgeist then activated and flailed at the Flesh Construct twice hitting him but not dropping him.

Soul Porter Empowered Yan Lo again then walked to be closer.

Another Silurid lept and then charged the FC hitting twice for weak both times.

Hanged then activated and tried Whispers from Beyond on the nearby Silurid but with no cards in hand I still lost while "winning" by not hitting the TN. Tried it again and managed to hit it off.

Last Silurid tried leaping but didn't make it so just walked once and popped a scheme marker.

Chiaki finished the turn by charging the wounded Silurid, missing both times. I then went for the Calling, managed to hit but only for weak.

I snagged 2 points for Vendetta, one for Bete's first attack and then 1 for killing Lenny.

Neither of us managed to score strat points, I dropped his Enforcer and he killed 2 minions so our Bounties were the same.

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End of Turn 3 - Turn 3 (Image 2 of 2)

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Turn 4

We both stoned for cards. I then attempted to steal Initiative with a stone but failed.

The right side Silurid attacked the Flesh Construct looking to lower it enough for the Waldgeist to finish it off. He almost overdid it with the Blood Frenzy triggers but he dropped it down to 2 wounds.

I activated the Flesh Construct and figured I'd take a potshot at the Waldgeist and then walk into the flaming woods to deny Ed the strat points. We cheated the duel to where I had double negative but then I managed to Red Joker the damage and dropped it in one swing which changed my plans up a bit. The FC just walked once from there.

Zoraida walked and then Obeyed the FC making it walk into the flames, killing it with the terrain. She then passed her Terror to hit the Hanged with Obey but I cheated high to make sure I avoided it.

Hanged went ahead and then Focused to attack Zoraida with Whispers, didn't hit but I drew a high card out of Ed so I was ok with it.

Ed activated his Whispered Silurid and lept into the burning woods hoping to deny me Bounty points but due to confusion on wounds totals the lizard managed to survive the hazardous terrain. He then Defensive stanced the Silurid.

I activated Chiaki and targeted the wounded Silurid in the woods looking for my Bounty. Hit it with the 0 Calling for moderate and got my trigger for some Chi. Chiaki then walked twice towards Zoraida, trying to lock her up to maybe get my Assassinate off.

Ed's nearer Silurid then lept and charged Chiaki. He hit a couple of times due to Blood Frenzy but didn't manage to drop her.

Soul Porter then Empowered Yan Lo forward and walked to make sure he was close enough for stuff next turn as well.

The Nurse then finally decided to mix it up charging Chiaki. Missed the first time but managed a moderate with the second and the Massive Dose trigger. Thank goodness for Incorporeal, Chiaki was still up.

Yan Lo then went, sac'ed a card for the Chi and then charged Zoraida. My charge range only allowed me close enough for the Brutal Khakkhara attacks which I was ok with. I hit and dealt Moderate and Ed had the Mask he needed for Mama Z's trigger so Yan Lo was all done.

Another turn of balanced nothing for the Strat, Ed killing my Flesh Construct and me dropping his Silurid. Ed did earn 1 more VP for Vendetta for killing my Flesh Construct.

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End of Turn 4 - Turn 4 (Image 2 of 2)

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Turn 5

No stoning for cards for me and I won Initiative so there was a shot.

Yan Lo of course went first. Sac'ed a card for some Chi then 0'ed my Instill Youth on Chiaki to heal her to full (shoulda taken Bodyguard!). I wanted to make sure I could use Spirit Barrage so I walked once and then Focused to swing on Zoraida. Ed cheated down to get a Mask for his trigger but since I purposely had no AP left I didn't care as much this time around. (Fool me once!) I made sure I had a straight going in so that I could cheat in the severe, giving me some more Chi to play with if necessary.

Ed of course then activated Zoraida. He Obeyed his Silurid to attack Chiaki cause end of game so why not but couldn't get through the Manipulative. He then Raven Formed and that was that for my Assassinate chances.

Hanged walked and Whispered the fully healed Silurid next to Chiaki and Yan Lo. That Sil then went and attempted to slap Chiaki, hitting some damage but not enough to drop her. He then lept away to make the Strat that much harder to hit.

I activated the Soul Porter and managed to Empower Chiaki so she was able to get back into engagement with the wounded Silurid.

Ed activated his Nurse and tried to make Chiaki Take her Meds twice with triggers to screw Chiaki's attacks. He beat Manipulative and made me cheat both times to avoid the shenanigans but that was my last chance for points so I had to.

Chiaki pulled out the knife and went to town but Blacked Joker on the first and weak on the second. Came down to my Calling attempt, got it up to a straight flip but then I only flipped weak so no killing for me.

Ed's final Silurid across the table just moved around a bit but kept well away from my crew in case we went further.

Ed flipped for last turn and we didn't go to Turn 6 so that was the game.

Again no Strat points earned and Ed got his full 3 for A Line in the Sand at that point.

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Man of the Match - Silurids

More Men of the Match, Ed's Silurids were a great help during the game. They'd practically locked in 3 VP for him by end of Turn 1. This is of course unsurprising as most any Neverborn player will tell you these models are amazing for their cost and what they do.

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BFU - Scheme choice

I should just make this a permanent BFU listing apparently. Fucked up my scheme selection again. Not paying attention to Ed's announced list I stupidly took Assassinate on Zoraida, already a tough master to kill, while she had access to her Raven Form ability. There was practically no way I was getting that off and of course I didn't with Ed flying her to safety at the end of the game sitting on 2 wounds.

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Final Summary

Final VP:

Jonah/Yan Lo 2

Ed/Zoraida 5

I'm really starting to get pissed at myself with my scheme screw ups. Seems almost every game I'm either playing the scheme wrong or choosing a really difficult to achieve scheme from the pool. I want to stretch myself as a player but I should've recognized the mismatch Assassinate was from the start with Ed's list. I would've been much better suited with Bodyguard on Chiaki.

Other than my scheme fuck up, I was happy with how I played the game. The tactics I planned in my head at the beginning worked overall for what I was going for. I needed to focus more on denying Ed VP's though which is where I faltered. The one area I did well with this was at least making sure I kept the Bounties even when I had to.

Ed played an extremely solid game which I was expecting, (even if his "Gremlins" list only contained 1 actual Gremlin lol.) He knew what his crew was up to and really played to their strengths. I think he got a little too focused on the Hanged during the game but that's a more than reasonable hangup to have (see what I did there). He went for his points but where he definitely out shined me was in denying the VP's to me, making sure I didn't nail anything for the Strat when I started laying into his crew early on.

It was a little surprising we managed to hold each other to 0 VP's for the Strat, I wasn't expecting that. Always an interesting dynamic when the Strat isn't balanced to allow points to both sides.

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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