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Encounter Detail

  • 803 days ago 801 0 Malifaux
  • Turf War
    (Strategy (2014))
  • 50 soulstones
  • 5 turns
  • Scheme
    A Line in the Sand Bodyguard Breakthrough Entourage Outflank

Crew Detail

Ten Thunders - Shenlong
(Team A)
Gremlins - So'mer Teeth Jones
(Team B)

Crew Lists

Ten Thunders - Shenlong

Gremlins - So'mer Teeth Jones

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In a battle to shake out new Masters, Marc and I fumbled our way through a scheme-marker-heavy showdown.

Ten Thunders - Shenlong VS Gremlins - So'mer Teeth Jones

Shenlong vs. So'mer Teeth

In a battle to shake out new Masters, Marc and I fumbled our way through a scheme-marker-heavy showdown.


Marc and I were both breaking in new crews, so our normal Thursday pick-up game focused on that. I proxied some models for the unreleased Monk of High River, Komainu, and Shenlong himself (an armless TTB); Marc rocked his well-painted and fully operational Gremlins on a beautiful table provided by talented scenery creator Matt.

Deployment - Ten Thunders - Shenlong

Flank deployment. I selected a mostly open quarter to deny him the large Saloon that occupied almost a full quarter of the table. A road lined with large buildings ran crosswise, so I set up with Shenlong, Komainu and the HR Monk in the middle. 

Everyone else was clustered near Ama No Zako on my left flank, intending to push to get an objective down behind the jail, except the Torakage, who was right flank to put an objective out there.

The Katanaka Sniper took a position on the 2nd floor balcony of the Saloon, with a commanding view of the Turf War marker and the central clearing.

Deployment - Gremlins - So'mer Teeth Jones

The gremmers set up behind a small forest on the edge of their deployment. The pigapult was well back and hidden; Lenny drew a crowd in front of the Ammo Store, and in front of him were So'mer and Burt, with a Bayou Gremlin in tow. Skeeters flew to either side.


Turn 1

We both flopped awful hands to start (BJ-2-3-4-5-6 for me, something similar for him). Stoning for cards still netted nothing higher than an 8, so I dug in for a turn of movement.

Shenlong used gusts of wind to blow people around, getting lucky top-decking. I quickly realized I'd deployed wrong, with models outside of his all-important 6" bubble that makes Focus and Defensive into (0) actions. So Shenlong blew the archer to Shenlong, and he obligingly pushed forward to centralize the bulk of my force. The Komainu pushed the TTB leftward, and he surged forward with Zako behind.

The Grems came up the middle, So'mer finding scant cover behind a central barrel. Both he and Burt (covered by an ablative Bayou Gremlin) pushed to center stage to draw fire. The pigapult took some potshots, but nothing stuck. Return fire from the Sniper and Archer on So'mer had no real effect, especially since I kept forgetting I could focus for free!

Turn 2

I drew a killer hand; Marc's wasn't terrible, so we both went at it.

The TTB pushed forward and dropped a marker, then took a blast to the face from Burt. He survived, only to get engaged by a Skeeter and a Bayou Gremlin that'd been flung to hell and gone.

Ama No Zako jumped into the middle, intent on slicing and dicing, but got pounced by every gun in the west. She took out a Gremlin, feasting mightily on its innards, but killed it too fast for a good heal; and so she fell to an onslaught, burning the last of my Soulstones on the way down.

This did allow enough time for me to rearrange my backfield and get used to Fast, Focused snipers. Shenlong then switched to Low River, anticipating more damage to come, but was unable to save the Archer from falling to Gremlin trickery.

The Torakage and HR Monk milled around, unsure of their purpose.


Turn 3

  • I won a crucial initiative flip, and the TTB was able to heal and then hit the Bayou Gremlin. A complex duel had to be resolved, with Squeal and Trip both triggering, but it looked like Trip happened last, meaning we stayed engaged--keeping him from running off and dropping scheme markers.
  • Shenlong got the boys organized, sending the Torakage to extricate the TTB from his predicament. He and the HR Monk held the middle for Turf War, but this just mean trading points with the nigh-invulnerable Burt and So'mer.
  • Bayou Gremlins started flying through the air, landing deep on either flank to start working on Outflank and Breakthrough.

Turn 4

  • The center started getting thin. The Katanaka sniper pushed up and dropped a scheme marker for Breakthrough on the tavern's balcony, then fell to fire from below.
  • The HR Monk pushed forward but died; they need to be shock troops, not tanks.
  • I realized belatedly that sending the Torakage away left me with too few bodies to hold down the Turf War, what with the mass carnage, so the fellow made a U-turn and left the TTB and Komainu to deal with the dregs.
  • The Torakage ended up coming around the corner and throwing stars at a stray Gremlin, but promptly found himself engaged by So'mer. Top-decking all royalty helped the little ninja stay alive!
  • Shenlong pushed forward and started killing stuff, taking down big Lenny and engaging both So'mer and Mr. Shooty-gun. Not my wisest move, but some accidental cheating with an overly-high Defensive Condition helped him live.


Turn 5

  • Both crews were on their last legs, but many points were still up for grabs. Behind the cover of the Saloon, the Slop Hauler and a Grem got Scheme Markers set up, and scampered into Outflank position.
  • At Center stage, battle raged on. The Torakage was unable to bring down So'mer--that dirty cheater! but a charge from the Komainu and a well-timed double-Moderate flip sliced the Master wide open.
  • Burt pulled a last-ditch effort to halt Shenlong's progress, but was unable to kill him, or prevent the Master of Kung Fu from eluding him. With Wandering River Style active, the dragon disengaged, walked into the enemy deployment, and burned Focus to drop a Scheme Marker. This ensured points from Breakthrough, and grabbed 3 more from Entourage.
  • The Pigapult fired some danger-close shots at Shenlong, but the top of the deck was kind, and no lasting damage was inflicted.
  • With a flip of a low card, the game was over.

Brother Hammer (Ten Thunders Brother)
Man of the Match

As is usual, the TTB was an undervalued utility player. He pushed wide to place a crucial scheme marker, defended it against attacks from both a Skeeter and a Bayou Gremlin, and then blocked the path of another Gremlin making a beeline for the Outflank position. In short, while everyone else was killing stuff, Brother Hammer was getting the schemes sorted.

The second star goes to the Komainu. For a totem it did a LOT. Its built-in synergy with Shenlong meant an extra card, a heal, and a push every turn. It got the killing blow in on So'mer. And the "discard to push a model" ability was a nice bonus, helping shove slow models around and also useful for getting Shenlong out of engagement at one point. Definitely worth keeping in the list!


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Final Summary

The end result was a 9-8 victory for Shenlong; we both had 3 turns of Turf War, but I got full points for both schemes, whereas I was able to rob Marc of one of the outflank points.

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  • Shenlong (started with Wandering River Style)
  • Komainu
  • Ama No Zako (Recalled Training)
  • Katanaka Sniper
  • Thunder Archer
  • Torakage
  • Ten Thunders Brother
  • Monk of the High River

  • So'mer Teeth Jones (Family Tree, Dirty Cheater)
  • Lenny (I'll Love It And Pet It... )
  • Burt Jebsen (Dirty Cheater)
  • Pigapult
  • Slop Hauler
  • 4 Bayou Gremlins
  • 2 Skeeters