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Ten Thunders - Shenlong
Gremlins - So'mer Teeth Jones

50 Soulstones - Malifaux Encounter

Mission: Turf War (Strategy (2014))

By afeinman

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In a battle to shake out new Masters, Marc and I fumbled our way through a scheme-marker-heavy showdown.

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Marc and I were both breaking in new crews, so our normal Thursday pick-up game focused on that. I proxied some models for the unreleased Monk of High River, Komainu, and Shenlong himself (an armless TTB); Marc rocked his well-painted and fully operational Gremlins on a beautiful table provided by talented scenery creator Matt.

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Deployment - Ten Thunders - Shenlong

Flank deployment. I selected a mostly open quarter to deny him the large Saloon that occupied almost a full quarter of the table. A road lined with large buildings ran crosswise, so I set up with Shenlong, Komainu and the HR Monk in the middle. 

Everyone else was clustered near Ama No Zako on my left flank, intending to push to get an objective down behind the jail, except the Torakage, who was right flank to put an objective out there.

The Katanaka Sniper took a position on the 2nd floor balcony of the Saloon, with a commanding view of the Turf War marker and the central clearing.

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Deployment - Gremlins - So'mer Teeth Jones

The gremmers set up behind a small forest on the edge of their deployment. The pigapult was well back and hidden; Lenny drew a crowd in front of the Ammo Store, and in front of him were So'mer and Burt, with a Bayou Gremlin in tow. Skeeters flew to either side.

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Man of the Match - Brother Hammer (Ten Thunders Brother)

As is usual, the TTB was an undervalued utility player. He pushed wide to place a crucial scheme marker, defended it against attacks from both a Skeeter and a Bayou Gremlin, and then blocked the path of another Gremlin making a beeline for the Outflank position. In short, while everyone else was killing stuff, Brother Hammer was getting the schemes sorted.

The second star goes to the Komainu. For a totem it did a LOT. Its built-in synergy with Shenlong meant an extra card, a heal, and a push every turn. It got the killing blow in on So'mer. And the "discard to push a model" ability was a nice bonus, helping shove slow models around and also useful for getting Shenlong out of engagement at one point. Definitely worth keeping in the list!

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Final Summary

The end result was a 9-8 victory for Shenlong; we both had 3 turns of Turf War, but I got full points for both schemes, whereas I was able to rob Marc of one of the outflank points.

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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