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Encounter Detail

  • 822 days ago 789 0 Malifaux
  • Reckoning
    (Strategy (2014))
  • 41 soulstones
  • Scheme
    A Line in the Sand Bodyguard Murder Protégé Protect Territory Spring the Trap

Crew Detail

Ten Thunders - Shenlong
(Team A)
Outcasts - Hamelin
(Team B)

Crew Lists

Ten Thunders - Shenlong

Outcasts - Hamelin

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Hamlin beat Shenlong 4 to 0.

Ten Thunders - Shenlong VS Outcasts - Hamelin

Hamlin v Shenlong

Hamlin beat Shenlong 4 to 0.

Deployment & Terrain

Deployment was standard 6 inches.

Most of the terrain (we had a lot in this round) was height 2 soft cover. little wood fences to be exact. We also had some height 2 stone walls that were hard cover, and some height 6 buildings that were completely blocking.

Turn 1

turn one looked a lot like every other turn one... we moved stuff forward.

Turn 2

I thought I would get a head start on spring trap, and ran Shenlong head first right into Hamlin. He stayed right there for the rest of the game. Sensei Yu was bogged down by blight and everything was drawn to him, including a newly formed Rat King

Turn 3

Turn 3 saw Sensei Yu give in to the rats and end up dead. The swarm moved over a little right into my Peasant and consumed him as well. However, turns out the high river monks are kind of bad ass! One of them put the hurt on Nix. if it weren't for Nix's "Nihilistic" he would have really shined. The free 2 inch push coupled with discarding a card for an extra attack on a charge just really sold me on them. Also, I love SHenlong's ability to draw up to 3 cards and discard that number. Really cleaned up my hand late in turn 3 which let me pile on some damage to Hamlin with Shen. Not something I would use all the time, but considering what he gets from the other upgrades, this one seems like one i'll have more often than not.

Turn 4

By the time we got to turn 4 shenlong was surrounded, my Samurai couldn't get a clear shot on any of the baddies aside from the rat king, my remaining Monk was just out of reach of anything he wanted to do, and he was closing in for the win. It was nearing 9pm and we had to finish up the game, so that turn he sprang the trap and scored several points, he killed Yu scoring kill protégé and had one point from turn 3 where he killed Yu and the peasant so he scored one point for reckoning.

Man? of the match
Man of the Match

Well, there were two from my point of view. The Monk of the high river really showed his usefulness. They are not as well rounded as the Torkage, but this is almost a boon for them. They can set stuff on fire in a hurry, and they can really lay on the damage with their discard/charge ability. Add to that the innate ability to push two inches means you can easily set up a charge on most things, even if you're already in melee range!

The second Man of the Match for me was the rat king. (weird right? choosing the opponent's model? wth?) actually it's quite simple, the rat king is harder to kill, yes, but my opponent can not stop the rats from becoming one, so it ate up his biggest advantage over me which was his ability to nearly double my activations in a turn.

Sensi Yu!
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

My BFU Event in this game was before the game even started. I learned the hard way that Shenlong and Sensei Yu want to be close together on the battlefield, not 18 inches apart.



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Final Summary

In the end, Hamlin's vermin overran the monks with little trouble, 4 to 0. It was a fun game, for sure, and Shenlong's crew has quite a learning curve... but the crew was fun enough that the learning curve isn't such a bad thing.

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Ten Thunders Crew - 41 - Scrap

Shenlong -- 3 Pool
+High River Style [2]
+Words on the River [1]

Peasant [2]
Monk of High River [6]
Monk of High River [6]
Samurai [8]
Sensei Yu [9]
+Promising Disciple [2]
Shadow Effigy [4]
Outcasts Crew - 41 - Scrap

Hamelin -- 2 Pool
+The Piper [2]

The Stolen [2]
Malifaux Rat [2]
Malifaux Rat [2]
Malifaux Rat [2]
Malifaux Rat [2]
Malifaux Rat [2]
Nix [8]
+Hollow [2]
Obedient Wretch [4]
Rat Catcher [6]
Rat Catcher [6]