Ten Thunders VS Neverborn
Ten Thunders vs Neverborn

My first battle report so bear with me! Neverborn take on the Ten Thunders


I'm playing my Ten Thunders against my opponents Neverborn (well they're actually my miniatures but who cares about that :P)

Seeing the schemepool l settled on taking Vendetta on my torakage vs the silurid (the one that stands on a rock) and also given thebfact he has eternal fiend we would be taking bad juju prisoner 

Hopefully these two schemes give us plenty of room to still focus on the strategy!

My opponent decided not to reveal any schemes at this stage.

Deployment - Ten Thunders

I won the flip for deployment 7-6 and decided I would take the corner near the river as I didn't want all the squat makers to end up on the bridge, which would've been a great advangate for the silurids leaping!

I decided to split the rail workers up so that they were all withing 6" of Mei Feng so she would have a chance to react to the opponents deployment with her rail walk action

Deployment - Neverborn

My opponent deployed with his siliruds mostly in range to grab the squat markers turn one, the strategy was definitely going to be an up hill battle for me, also, not the location of the vendettated silirud!

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