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Ten Thunders

50 Soulstones - Malifaux Encounter

Mission: Squatter's Rights (Strategy (2014))

By shaneryan

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My first battle report so bear with me! Neverborn take on the Ten Thunders

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I'm playing my Ten Thunders against my opponents Neverborn (well they're actually my miniatures but who cares about that :P)

Seeing the schemepool l settled on taking Vendetta on my torakage vs the silurid (the one that stands on a rock) and also given thebfact he has eternal fiend we would be taking bad juju prisoner 

Hopefully these two schemes give us plenty of room to still focus on the strategy!

My opponent decided not to reveal any schemes at this stage.

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Deployment - Ten Thunders

I won the flip for deployment 7-6 and decided I would take the corner near the river as I didn't want all the squat makers to end up on the bridge, which would've been a great advangate for the silurids leaping!

I decided to split the rail workers up so that they were all withing 6" of Mei Feng so she would have a chance to react to the opponents deployment with her rail walk action

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Deployment - Neverborn

My opponent deployed with his siliruds mostly in range to grab the squat markers turn one, the strategy was definitely going to be an up hill battle for me, also, not the location of the vendettated silirud!

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Turn 1

My opening hand wasn't looking great but been aware I was heavily out soulstoned I decided to hang onto it and try to make do

My opponent also decided to keep their hand

I won initiative but my opponent decided to soul stone and ended with an 13 to my 4, they took the first activation and wasted no time claiming a squat marker and moving towards another, their second activation was much the same

I retaliated by charging the dawn serpent right mat the silirud and killing it with my fangs

The only other notable things of the first turn where really Zoraida summoning the voodoo doll who immediately hemmed himself to kang, and also mei feng used her Railwalking shenanigans to kick Zoraida in the face for 6 damage which was soulstoned down to 3

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Starting hand - Turn 1 (Image 2 of 4)

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Positions at the end of turn 1 - Turn 1 (Image 3 of 4)

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The dawn serpent ate the slimy lizard - Turn 1 (Image 4 of 4)

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Turn 2

I drew a moderate hand for turn 2 and decided not to stone, however my opponent did this time, leaving him with 4 stones remaining

Zoraida was the first activation and after bewitching Mei Feng decided to get the hell away my shifting into her raven and flying behind some cover

Trying to fight for some control of the left side of the board a railworker used his 0 action to gain + to attack and damage flips for the turn and charged in at a waldegeist that is holding the marker, managing to put 3 damage on 

Bad Juju decided to flurry Mei Feng who managed to brush ever attack down to weak and came through relatively unharmed

Later in the turn another rail worker charged in at a silirud who was in position to take a squat marker, after his 0 action he managed to land severe damage on the silirud, killing him immediately (he had taken one damage last turn)

The last silirud actives and takes the squat marker he had been guarding and then immediately leaps over the wall and attacks the emberling for 2 damage (after incorporeal)(little does he realize he has hopefully moved into range of my torakage

After some measuring I realized kang would need to move for the torakage to get in range of the silirud, so he activated, walked out of the way and then taunted BadJuju

after an uneventful activation from a waldgiest my torakage went and attacked the silurid earning me the first point of the game from my vendetta, I also cheated the last card of my hand to put some damage on the silirud, let's hope fate doesn't bite me too hard for the rest of the turn

The rest of the activations were very uneventful, at the end of turn two the score sits at 1-1 as never born have 3 squat markers to my 0

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Here over the wall! - Turn 2 (Image 2 of 3)

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Hand - Turn 2 (Image 3 of 3)

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Turn 3

Drawing yet another terrible hand I decided to stone , and once again I lost the initiative 

Zoraida starts the turn off once again by bewitching Mei feng and raven forming further away, this time to engage the dawn serpent on the corner of the table 

My first activation was my almost dead rail worker that is fighting a waldgeist one on one, after a zero action I managed to put two lots of moderate damage onto him, just enough to bring himdown

The last remaining silurid activates and swiftly finishes off the emberling to get my opponents first kill of the game and then does 3 damage to the torakage before leaping behind the wall to guard the squat marker

Kang activates next and does taunt to the remaining waldgeisr atop the hill and then hunkers down into a defensivestance

The waldgeist activates next and attempts to ignore kangs taunts, succeeding after cheating a 13 and manages to hit Mei Feng for moderate damage and give her the "rooted" condition as well as throwing down some trees to create some difficult terrain 

The next activation of note was bad juju who flurried at Kang who dodged all but one attack (that only done 2 damage) and even managed to pull of his trigger to strike juju for 3 damage! 

After this the wastrel activated and simply healed the torakage for 2 damage with his "cast-offs"ability

The torakage chased the silurid around the corner and threw a shuriken but failed to make contact

Afterwards my rail worker went and took down bad juju, I'm not sure whether this but he didn't have many other options

So at the end of turn 3 the score is 1-2 but I am definitely gaining advantage in number of models and board control, my opponent only has 4 models left while I have 8

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Attack! - Turn 3 (Image 2 of 3)

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Starting hand - Turn 3 (Image 3 of 3)

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Turn 4

I once again decided to stone for my hand this turn leaving me with one SS

My opponent once again did not still sitting on 4 stones

I however won initiative for the first time with a 9 and my opponent decided to stone for a reflip but only got an 8

I activated the torakage and charged the silirud the first attack struck for moderate damage and my poison trigger leaving the silirud down on one WD, the next attack I desperately wanted to hit so I cheated my highest card, a 12, my opponent however was determined to make this hit miss as this would gain me a VP and isn't a good place for juju to pop up, sadly however they cheated a 13

The silurid responded by leaping over the wall and attacking the wastrel, managing to cut him down with blood frenzy triggers

My rail worker up on the hill went next and tried to cut the waldgiest down, it looked promising as my opponent flipped the black joker on the attack flip as I flipped an 11, sadly on the damage flip the black joker appeared.amongst my severe cards

Zoraida then activates but has a dull activation only managing to bewitch Mei Feng

Kang then activated and decided he was sick of the voodoo doll, attacked it twice and murdered it, taking 6 damage him, I then used his 0 action to heal 4 damage spending my last soul stone

The waldgeist then activated and done a couple damage to my rail worked leaving him with 2 wds

I next used one of my rail workers to claim a squat marker, as did my next

The dawn serpent then activates and puts 2 points of damage and poison 2 on zoraida which she reduces to 1 damage using one of her soul stones

Mei feng then rail walks up to the waldgeist and attempts to finish it off, which she fails to do due to the waldgeist cheating a red joker

At the end of the turn we both score a point as we hold 2 squat markers each, the siliurd dies from poison and bad juju pops up in the center on the action, the score is 2-3

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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